Use of Hand Sanitisers During a Pandemic

Although hand sanitisers have been around for decades, most of us have only started using them now, at the outbreak of this pandemic. Something that was essential mostly in medical facilities has now found its way to every grocery store and in all of our houses. It was only during the outbreak of the H1N1 flu that the sale of hand sanitisers boomed. The rapid spread of COVID-19 today has led to an all-time high demand and sale of the product. It is one of the most essential products during this time and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about using hand sanitisers during a pandemic.
What is in a Hand Sanitiser?
Alcohol has been used as a disinfectant for centuries together and is the primary ingredient in a hand sanitiser. Aside from alcohol, other ingredients such as water and gels like glycerin and glycol are added to the mix to prevent drying of the skin. We at Aristocrat have also added a touch of aloe vera and aloe vera essence to ensure that the smoothness of your palm is continuously restored and leaves a pleasant scent.  
What are its Benefits?
One of the primary goals of hand sanitisers is to kill bacteria. Sanitisers with 60 - 70% alcohol kill up to 99.9% of germs. A lot of bacteria live on our hands and you’d surprised at how many times the average human touches his/her face. Studies show that on average, we touch our faces about 16 times every hour! That’s a whole lot of germs that we unconsciously invite into our bodies. The coronavirus, in particular, enters our body through the eyes and mouth, which means that we have to make sure our hands are always clean and free from germs. 
What’s the Best Way to use a Sanitiser? 
In these risky times, it is best to keep a bottle of sanitiser with you at all times. You can also keep one in your vehicle, your living room, and your place of work. Be aware of everything and everyone you come in contact with and make sure to sanitise after every point of contact. It is best to wait for at least a minute or two before eating and touching your face in order to avail the best benefits of the sanitiser. 
Why is it Useful During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The disease had already spread drastically before we could even understand how it spreads. Now we know that this virus spreads through respiratory droplets, either directly from a person’s mouth or nose or indirectly through surfaces the infected person has come in contact with. So the best way to prevent catching the disease is by wearing a mask and regularly washing or sanitising your hands. 
How to Choose the Best Sanitiser
The higher the alcohol content, the more effective the sanitiser is in eradicating the spread of germs. Firstly, since alcohol is the main ingredient, choose sanitisers with an alcohol content of anywhere between 60 - 95%. Anything below 60% may not give you effective results. 
Secondly, do not choose hand sanitisers that use alcohol substitutes. A good sanitiser must contain alcohol. More technical names for alcohol include “ethanol,” “ethyl alcohol,” or “isopropyl alcohol.” These are not substitutes and you can go ahead and buy the product.
Finally, choose a gel-based sanitiser over a liquid one. What makes gel-based sanitisers different is that the gel works at keeping your skin soft without taking away the moisture with regular use. 
Why AHS 
Washing your hands constantly or using liquid hand sanitisers can leave your palms feeling very dry. Our formula ensures that your hands stay soft while also staying free from germs. 
After conducting immense research, we have come up with a group of products keeping in mind that your safety is our priority. We have a range of products that come in different sizes to cater to your different needs. Whether it's a tiny bottle to carry around in your pocket or a large one for the whole family to use, we have it all. 
We understand that there are tonnes of brands in the market currently, making it difficult to know which ones are the best. We’re here to assure you that with over 12 countries using our product, you are in safe hands.
The use of an effective hand sanitizer is necessary during these challenging times and we at ACP Aristocrat Humaste are here to support you on your quest for safety. Presenting our range of Instant Hand Sanitizers with the goodness of aloe vera and the safety of isopropyl alcohol. To order, visit our online shop to choose from our range of safety products that suit your needs.