Alcohol-based and Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers – Things to know before choosing the right type.

As we witness rising demands on personal safety products due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for the right kind of sanitizers to keep themselves safe and infection-free on the go. With a wide range of brands, types and compositions to choose from, it can often be confusing for consumers to know what they are buying. With this Article, we aim to help you understand the two major types of hand sanitizers available in the market today, what they are made of and how they work in different environments to help you with your quest for the right hand sanitizer.
What are the functions of Hand sanitizers in general?
Hand sanitizers are used to disinfect your hands from time to time. They reduce the formation of germs on your hands and prevents the spread of disease. This is the primary function hand sanitizers are made to do and with time, people started viewing them as a convenient alternative to washing hands.
There are two major types of hand sanitizers, namely alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Each of them are designed based on the needs of people. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the traditional, time-tested type of sanitizers with a sole purpose of destroying pathogens on contact. Alcohol-free Hand sanitizers are usually foam-based creams that provides protection and keeps your hands safe and moisturized in the process.  
Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers
Alcohol-free sanitizers are foam-based cleansers that has benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient. Most alcohol-free sanitizers usually contains a very small percentage of benzalkonium yet it is an effective disinfectant. Alcohol-free disinfectants are relatively new to the market. They are also water-based and have other ingredients with Vitamin E and other skin care ingredients for added benefits. When compared to alcohol-based counterparts that are approved by the World Health Organization, alcohol-free products have received very little recognition from the pharmaceutical industry, although they are as effective as Alcohol-based sanitizers. Another major criteria that people are concerned about is the pricing. Alcohol-free sanitizers are generally more expensive, giving alcohol-based ones the upper hand as they are easier on the pockets.
Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are widely used by medical institutions and general public and is considered one of the safest hand rubs when it comes to disinfecting your hands. They are convenient, effective, reliable and keep you safe on the go. Hand sanitizers with over 70% alcohol content is recommended to combat viruses, including COVID-19. When compared to alcohol-free sanitizers, hand rubs with the right amount of alcohol content can be more effective for combating Coronavirus. The World Health Organization recommends the use and distribution of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, especially ones with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are by far the most convenient and cheapest means of safety for your hands when the means to wash hands are not available.
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